I grew up in apple country in the Eastern Townships in a town called Frelighsburg. My parents were commercial apple growers whose orchard consisted of over 15,000 trees on a 200 acre parcel of land.

From an early age, I helped my dad in his orchard by pruning trees and by mowing the grass both by hand using a sickle and scythe as well as with a tractor. I watched him as he prepared his sprays and helped at harvest time with picking and sorting of apples.

Although at the time, I was not enthused by all the work that I had to do in my parents' orchard, I appreciate all that the experience has taught me. I am now using all the experience that was had in my own orchard.

My wife and I moved to Plantagenet in December of 1999. In the spring of 2000, I planted my first row of apple trees to the left of the house. This was my first "orchard".

In the spring of 2001, I planted my next set of trees to the right of the house starting at the fence. My father and I planted the majority of the trees in this second part of the orchard.

As the years progressed, I continued to plant trees until I reach approximately 575 trees in total. (In all those years, my wife only planted one tree. It is the fifth McIntosh tree in the first row (near the fence) of the second section of the orchard.)

Over the years, we found that Paula Red, Lobo and McInstosh trees thrive on our property. Although we had Jersey Mac apple trees, we found that these apples were much to fragile and much too early for us. We have Spartan and Cortland trees which do well but not as well as either the Lobo or McIntosh. We have Empire trees that produce fruit but are not thriving here so we need to make a decision as to what to do with these. HoneyCrisp apple trees are our latest addition. We currently have 20 trees that were planted last year. We hope that these trees do well here. We also have plum trees and a single cherry tree.

Should you come visit, we hope that you have a great time enjoying the peaceful country setting and picking apples, of course.

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